Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urns...not just for the garden!

I saw this slide show on about unique uses for urns. I loved some of the, I stole some of them. I put this urn in the living room next to the couch. It has come in so handy to store the remotes and magazines. When the new issues of the magazines come, I put the old issues in the recycle to make sure the urn stays clean and tidy.
These other two urns I turned into bedside tables. I got them on clearance at Hobby Lobby for 25 dollars a piece and I had the round glass at home already. They were black when I bought them and of course my awesome hubby spray painted them white for me. I know that the lamp on this first table is in desperate need of some pizazz. I am in the process of looking for some ribbon to decorate the shade but I just can't find the right color (honestly, I haven't been looking that hard, only when I think about it).
The one thing I want to change on this other table is to add something under the cross to give it some height, maybe some old looking books??

This is a picture of how they look next to the bed.

I haven't broke the news to my hubby yet that I am on the look out for new bedding for our room. After doing the guest room and the fresh clean look of it, I really want to get new bedding for our room now. I just have to find stuff to match the wall color. It is a really light purple, not too girly. Can you believe that my hubby let me paint our room PURPLE???? I told you he was awesome. Yet again this paint was "free". My dad painted this building (I can't remember what type of business it was) and he had a 5 gallon bucket of this paint left over and he saved it for me to see if I liked it, well of course I did, it is a shade of purple (one of my two favorite colors)!! So, while my sister and I went on a overnight scrapbook convention my dad snuck up and when I got home my hubby and dad had the whole room painted and put back together again!! It was FANTASTIC!

I took the afternoon off work today, every once in a while it is nice to do that. I am lucky I have a job that allows me the freedom to do it. I went to Yankee Candle today and the sales lady was super. She told me about this thing called layering (maybe I am the only one that hasn't heard about it), where you light two different candles at the same time and they layer to make a different smell. Well, she put a small lid from vanilla cupcake frosting into a large lid of black cherry and had me smell it...YUMMY!! It was so neat and I never even thought of that. I am not big on the smell of vanilla but the two combined was great. It smelled like a fresh baked cherry cupcake. I was in there trying all kinds of smells together. Another good one that I put together was Coconut Bay and Lime. I will get that this summer. I ended up getting the vanilla and cherry and three other fresher, cleaner scents (that is what I tend to get).

Weight Watcher update: Things are going well this week. I am hungrier this week than I have been the last few weeks (could have to do with hormones). I tried a new WW recipe last night, spicy bbq meatballs. It was good. Well, I actually only had a bite of one because I am not a big meat eater, but the bite was good. My hubby really liked them.

I am off to clean up and light my new candles, we have company spending the night tonight.


  1. Yankee Candle is always fun. Wouldn't do me any good to go this week - I can't smell a thing (thanks to allergies flaring up).

    The urns look great - I've been keeping my eye out for some smaller sized urns to sit around, but I may need some big ones too.

    I'd try a couple of books under the cross - I've done it before and it looks nice. My mom and I had a garage sale last summer, and we had people buy books just for the color and/or size to display.