Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have such a handy hubby...

Since we moved into this house (about 3 yrs ago)in our bedroom we had the tv on a corner mount by the ceiling(we didn't have a tv in our bedroom in our other house we just happened to have an extra tv after we moved into this house because we bought a bigger one for the living room). Yes you read it right, a corner mount (ugly, ugly, ugly). Well, one day I couldn't take it any more, I told my husband that I wanted to get an armoire for the bedroom. So I began searching...well, I searched and searched and all the ones I wanted were too expensive. What I wanted was very specific...white, with shutter doors on top and regular doors on the bottom. The cheapest one I could find was about 900 dollars. I had asked my husband if he thought he could build one to look really good. I just wasn't sure how he would make the cabinets with an inlay design like store bought ones have. We like to frequent Lowe's (we could spend hours looking in there and dreaming of what to change on the house) and one Sunday after church we went just to browse with no specific purpose. We happened to walk down the aisle with the closet doors and I saw these bi fold closet doors that were white with shutters on top and regular on bottom. I turned and said "could you cut these in half and turn them into doors for an armoire," he said "yes." Well we were off from there pricing out the cost of building the armoire. It came to $289!!!! How awesome!! Here is the result(please excuse the left side, I am still trying to decide what I want to put on that side):
Okay below is the inside. My hubby wanted to put in more shelves for me and stuff but I said I don't need a lot inside, the doors will be closed most of the time. I told him I wanted a shelf for the tv and an extra shelf "in case". He asked what in the world I was going to do with all the room on the bottom and I told him that I would probably use it to store blankets, then we moved it into the room and put it where our dog's bed was. Then I thought, we could put her bed inside on the bottom and it is off of the floor and put up during the day. We put it in there and she walked in and laid down! It was so funny. Now when we go to bed we open (and leave open) the bottom doors and she goes in there and sleeps and in the morning I close the doors.
The next picture is of the decorations on top and on the middle shelf (the candles on the middle shelf were the ones we had at our wedding. They were specially made with the biblical verse that was on our invitations and pressed flowers to match the colors of the wedding.)


  1. Girlfriend! I'm jealous...but in a good way. And what a great idea to put the dog bed in the bottom.

    He did a fantastic job - can you send him to my house??? We haven't tried building anything - yet. :)

  2. Don't ya just love having a handy hubby! I sure do! That armoire turned out great! Great idea about having the pet bed in the bottom and being able to close it in the morning!!

  3. I love that armoire! I have always wanted a white one. They are so nice!

    Thank you for shopping at LBB! I am always encouraged when people love my creations, I love making them!

    Happy Valentines Day!