Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my loot from SSD

I went to my favorite home decor/scrapbook store yesterday after work, SSD. OH MY GOSH their Easter decor was gorgeous!!!!!!! If only I could afford one of everything from that store. They also had a new birthday table set up and it looked so fun, it made me want to sit and have some cake. They also had some new items in their Razorback section that would be so great to have at our tailgate. They also had...okay, okay, I will stop myself. My sole purpose was to go in there and look for a crown stamp so that my sister and I could make the bday invitations for my niece this weekend while I am visiting. I found one and a few other things...some great rub-ons, some candles on clearance for 1.50 (the scent is walk on the beach), and some precut diecuts.
I made a card last night with the diecut that says "a father's love" and a rub-on. It is for my dad for father's day. I also made my sister's bday card. They are below:

I am up to July on my card making, so over halfway done. :)

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