Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunny Days

This week has been so much better than last week. It has been SUNNY every day!!! It has still been cold, but what a nice change to see the beautiful sun. I can really tell a change in people's attitudes when the weather is nicer, or maybe it just puts me in a good mood. Warm weather has to be just around the corner!

Things are going good this week on Weight Watchers. I have used all my weekly allowance points already but its okay, I know I can stick to the daily points. I am feeling so much better this week. I am finally getting over my two week long sinus infection or whatever it was and back to working out regularly. I have decided to make myself a rewards chart. Every 10 pounds I lose I will reward myself with something. It gives me something to work towards and it helps me to break down my ultimate goal into smaller manageable chunks. My first reward will be new handles for the cabinets in our laundry room. I have four pounds to go to get my first reward.

I have been doing some stuff around the house. I have the after pictures below, but stupid me I forgot to take a before picture of the blinds and the before picture of the blank wall just wasn't coming out right and I forgot to take before pictures of the whole guest bedroom (I have learned my lesson and I will remember to take before pictures). Anyway in the picture below, I added this pretty trim to our Roman shades (they were just plan Roman shades) on our back door. I mentioned that I wanted to add some trim to them to my mom when she was here for a visit and she bought this beautiful trim for me for Christmas (thanks for the gift Mom and Dad):
This is an up close pic
The pictures below are from our guest bedroom. We just gave it a makeover this past fall. Now I think it is my favorite room in the house. We painted it a color called Pacific Wave. It is so pretty. Reminds me so much of the ocean (my favorite place to go). Like I said I didn't take before pictures but it was just a neutral tan color. This picture is of the bed. I had a yard sale to earn enough money for the damask stripe duvet that I wanted. Well, I earned enough to buy the white duvet, the shams, and the brown sheet set. It was a successful yard sale. And my sweet hubby sat out there with me the whole time! I am planning on changing a few things in the room and I need a few more finishing touches. One thing I want to change is the art work I did. I am going to redo the one on the left and paint it brown. I don't know what I was thinking...I also want to get a small pillow to match the color of the walls to finish off the bed but I just can't find one that I like yet.

This picture below is of the sign I found to put in the middle. I found it at this local store we have here for only 2 dollars!!!!
This picture is of a shelf that is beside the bed. It was originally black and had another shelf on it. My hubby cut the top shelf off for me and then he painted it white for me. I am not lazy. I would have painted it however I am not capable of spray painting. I consider myself to be some what artistic I guess but I cannot control a spray paint can at all.
The pictures below are close ups of some items on the shelves.
This picture above is a book a made at a class at a local scrapbook store we have here. I love to take classes there. This store is called Sign Sealed and Delivered, I also made the layout that is hung up in that room at a class there too. It is pictured below:
I did this project below this past weekend. The wall was blank and is a large wall. I wanted a piece of art for it but it was becoming very pricey. Well I was browsing Hobby Lobby one day and these white letters were on sale for half off. So I thought what could I spell and thought it is a bedroom so DREAM seemed appropriate. I got the letters and then I went to Sign, Sealed, and Delivered and they had this perfectly matching ribbon. It is brown (an accent color in the room) and has polk-a-dots that are the same color as the wall. I already had the upholstery tacks at home. The letter are hung up and the upholstery tack and ribbon are for look only. I did the whole thing for 25 dollars! It still seems like the wall needs some thing else but this will do for now.
This room is not only the guest room but it is also my scrapbook room. Originally, my scrapbook desk was out in the open by the window for all the guest to see the disorganized mess. Well, after browsing the web for organizational ideas I measured the closet and it fit perfect in there. So I moved it all to the closest and now I have a scrapbook closest and the doors close and when guest come I don't have to worry about them seeing the mess. My hubby had a piece of this slat board left over at work and brought it home and hung it up for me. He also brought me home the shelves and the hooks to hold my stamps. He made the ribbon holder for me too. He is GREAT!!! This is on the door...
Well that is my favorite room of the house. I have also come up with some more finishing touches for the rest of the house but those will have to wait to be rewards. :)


  1. Mel - it looks fabulous!

    I love the French door - it's so bright and sunny.

    I'm jealous of your scrapbook room - my hubby got our extra bedroom for his office/computer (he works a lot at home), so my stuff is in the dining room and I can't leave it out to play.

    You've done a really great job with the bedroom. The colors remind me of the beach.

    I'll get some pictures of my house posted this weekend - after I clean up!

    I lost 1.3 lbs this week. Not too bad considering we ate out 4 times last weekend while we were out "junking."


  2. New to your blog, Hi. You have some cute ideas.