Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just a quick post before I head out of the door to go to work. My hubby installed my handles on my cabinets in my laundry room (my first 10 pounds lost reward). I have to say that I LOVE the way they look and I LOVE the color of the laundry room. The last time we were visiting my mom and dad I went through all my dad's paint and took home the gallons that I like. I had no intention of painting anything at that moment but I liked them and hey you never know. Well, the color of the laundry room was one of the gallons I brought home. My dad came up to visit and he did some touch up painting for me where my hubby and I had painted in the house (my dad is a professional painter) well since he can cut in by the ceiling and trim without even taping it up I asked him if he would cut in the laundry room for me and next thing you know he and my hubby had it all painted for me!!!! What great guys I have in my life. My mom said I don't know why you want the laundry room painted, it is just the laundry room and then she saw it and said now I know why it looks great. Anyway, the design of the handles match the kitchen handles but the color is different. The kitchen is brushed nickle to match the faucet. I thought the black with copper would look great with the wall color. So here is the before picture:
And the after:

And a close up:

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