Thursday, February 26, 2009

My "baby"

Right now, Ryan and I don't have any children. We see them in our future, just not right now. My sis is so funny 'cause she will occasionally ask me if we are ever going to have children because she wants to be an aunt and then sometimes she will say if not she guesses she is okay with that 'cause I spoil my niece so much. In the meantime, we do have our dog. She can be funny sometimes. She hates flies (who can blame her). Well, yesterday we had a fantastically beautiful day here and as soon as I got home I opened the windows and the back door for a while to get some fresh air in here. And would you believe we already have flies!!!!!! I hate them and in the summer they are terrible here. I heard Ginger in our room making all kinds of noise and knew right away that she was after a fly. I have never taken pictures of her doing this before but she is so funny and relentless when it comes to catching one of these that I snapped a few yesterday. In this first picture she is chasing it in the window and scratching my costume blinds, uh, hello I don't think so...

so I pulled the blinds up. I am sure Ryan would much rather replace a screen as opposed to ordering me another blind for that window, actually he wouldn't be happy with replacing either.

She almost has it now...

and she got it! She doesn't eat them she just kills them and then leaves their dead carcass behind for me to clean up. This picture is not for the faint at heart. It is her victim...

Look how happy she is to achieved her goal:I love beautiful days like yesterday. I got to workout outside. Ryan and Ginger ran and I rode the bike for 3 miles. You could tell how great a mood everyone was in because of the warm, sunny day; there were a ton of people out walking and riding bikes and tons of houses had their windows open and I even smelled bbq a couple of times. AAHHH...spring is just around the corner!!!!!

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  1. Aren't pets wonderful? They are such a treat. My cat was so proud of getting a spider tonight, it was like, "Look mom at what I got!".

    Oh, congrats on how well you are doing! You should be so proud of yourself :) Keep up the good work!