Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Valentine's Day spirit...

I have to say that I am not a mushy chick. Don't get me wrong, I do love getting affection and I am a huge hugger, but I am just not a mushy person. I enjoying giving to others so Valentine's Day is another excuse to do so (even though you don't need an excuse at all) otherwise I don't do a lot to celebrate Valentine's Day. I feel that loved ones should show their affection to each other every day and for me getting flowers out of the blue means so much more than getting them just because my husband feels he has to because it is what you do on Valentine's day. Anyway, I hope I don't sound like too much of a Vday scrooge. I did do some stuff for other people. Below is a picture of the little cakes I made for my hubby's employees (there aren't many because there are only three employees at his store). I was a good girl and didn't even taste one. I hope they are good.
Below are the treats I made for the ladies I work with:
I also got our three nieces a little treat. I got the nieces on my husband's side these cute little heart shaped compacts that has a mirror and five colors of lip gloss. They love to play with make up and nail polish. I got my niece a set of 6 Vday stamps. She loves arts and crafts. She will be scrapbooking with her mommy and Aunt Lissa before you know it. Anyway, here is the card I made to send with their gifts (I made the same card for each of them):
I got a new fondue pot from my grandma and I am going to make some chocolate fondue for a treat for me and my hubby for Vday. We will dip all kinds of fruit in it. Yummy! (Well, at least it sounds yummy, I haven't actually ever made fondue before but have always wanted to.)
Also, I took some detailed pictures of the layout that is framed in my guest bedroom (I made this layout in a class at one of my favorite stores, Sign, Sealed, and Delivered. It was designed by Michelle) at the request of Megan at
Below is a picture of the left page
The following picture is a detailed close up of the bottom left corner of the left page
Next, the a picture of the right page
The picture below is a picture of the flap on the left bottom corner
All of the blue/green shell embellishments can be pulled to reveal journaling or photos. The photo below shows that the middle flap is lifted up to show a palm tree and journaling.


  1. I L.O.V.E that layout!!! It is so cool! Thank you so much for posting up close pictures of it! Wow! It really is hard to get good pics of things like that isn't it? Yours turned out great.

    Makes me want to go the the beach! And make my own layout.


  2. Ok I feel like a dork now. I re-commented because I thought my first one got erased, and this time I saw the small print saying that it needed approval. Hehe. Well, you can read both versions I guess!! =)