Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend recap and weigh in day is weigh in day and my tightening of the reins paid off and I lost 3 pounds!!! 4 pounds away from 10% (earlier I posted I was close but I had the wrong weight in my head of what I needed to be at for 10%). So, a loss of 3 has put a nice smile on my face today. :)

I did enjoy my time off work. It was such a needed break but I picked the crappiest of spring days to take off. It rained both Thursday and Friday then it snowed...that's right SNOWED...Saturday. YUCK!!! I want and need warm weather now!!! I did get out a little on Friday during the break in the rain and took some pictures at a tiny park in Cave Springs.
As I wrote on my last entry my bro-in-law and 5 of his friends were supposed to come up to stay the night Friday and skydive Saturday. 5 actually turned into 12! They were a great group of people though. All of them were very nice. Well, since it snowed Saturday, skydiving was canceled and they decided to stay another night and try skydiving on Sunday. Sunday turned out perfect (cold but sunny) for them and they were able to jump Sunday. This is a pic of some of the group:
Here is my bro in law, Cole, suited up:
Here is a shot of him floating back to safety:
Here are him and his trainer after the jump:
And here are him and his friend that jumped with him post jump (Cole is on the right):
They said it was totally amazing. Everyone had a blast. Although when Cole landed he was ghost white and looked like he could either pass out or throw up.


  1. I get sweaty palms just watching people skydive. Way too scary for me!

    Congrats on the three pounds - you're almost there :) I can't wait for you to hit your goal.

    We had really bad storms here on Saturday - no snow (bummer...) just lots of wind and rain.

    I meant to tell you - I love the pic of you and your hubby at the beach - he's a cutie!!

  2. Hey! I saw you over at Andrew's blog! :) I cannot get over how much Ryan and his brother look alike. Looks like they had fun. Hope you are doing good!

  3. I think skydiving would probably be fun, but the only way you are gonna get me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane is to push me, just sayin.