Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring arrangement

Yesterday was a great day for me as far as mail goes. Mixed in with the regular daily bills and junk mail I also received my shirt I ordered from Megan for my niece. It is darling. Thank you Megan!!!!!

Also, Darlene, told us last week in her blog about Everyday Minerals and the free sample you could get. I got that in the mail yesterday too. I am trying them today and so far they are passing my inspection! :) Thank you for posting that Darlene.

Last night I decided to try making a flower arrangement. I still don't know how I feel about the outcome but I will share it anyway. I wanted a spring time arrangement that could go on our coffee table throughout spring. So bravely I am sharing a pic:

Tonight I plan to work on some Easter stuff.

So far this week everything is going good on my WW plan. Yesterday was hard for the opposite reason than what it is usually hard for. I have been feeling bad lately and yesterday I had no appetite really so I had to force myself to eat all my points. That usually NEVER happens.

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  1. The flowers are so pretty Mel! You did a great job - mine would never have come out that well.