Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunger Games

I finally read another book since Breaking Dawn. I just haven't been able to get into any other book since then. I told my sister that reading the Twilight series may have ruined me from ever reading another book again. But I finally did it. The book I read was called Hunger Games. For an excerpt click here. It was a really good book the only part that sucks is I have to wait until September for book 2. It was good enough that I finished it in two days. However, my longing to read more about Edward is still there. Oh how I hope Stephenie Meyer decides to finish Midnight Sun. I found out about the Hunger Games from Stephenie's website as a recommend read by her.

We have been having amazing weather here and I have been able to workout outside again so that has been fun and Ginger (my pup) loves it too because she gets to go with me. So far so good staying on plan this week. Oh and my awesome hubby got my project done and I will post about it tomorrow. So excited.


  1. I devoured the Twilight series too. I will have to look into Hunger Games. I just joined a book club so it is helping me get back into reading again. I had a hard time picking up something after Twilight too!

  2. Love the new look for your blog!!

    I've read the first two in the Twilight series - Edward has ruined me for other books now. :) I still have the last two books to swoon over him, so I'm not totally lost yet!

    Can't wait to see the pics of your project. We're hoping to put the tile on our patio steps this weekend if the weather cooperates. Maybe I can play along for Metamorphosis Monday this time.

    Have you posted a pic of Ginger? I'd love to see her.