Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blooms and Easter decor

I love that everything is starting to bloom here and I love to take pictures of flowers. Saturday when we got home from our ride I noticed that our globe willow tree in the front yard had buds on it. It happened like overnight! Here is a picture of the globe willow I took yesterday.
Also, I took a picture of the buds on our Bradford pear tree yesterday.
And can you believe that today there are flowers on it.
I love Bradford pear trees. They are perfect to me. They have beautiful white flowers in the spring, pretty dark green leaves in the summer, and are the perfect shape. If we had a long driveway I would love to alternate a Bradford pear and a cherry blossom tree all the way up the drive and on both sides. There is a house here that has Bradford pears along the drive on both sides and it is so pretty.

I also put out some Easter decor. Just enough to let you know Easter is coming. I got this bunny and tree at Hobby Lobby this past week.
Now, I don't normally decorate with stuffed animals but this one is very special to me and it will be out every Easter no matter what. This bunny was given to me by my husband our first Easter when we were dating 11 years ago. On my sister's high school graduation day (we were actually getting ready for the graduation) our house caught on fire. We lost just about everything, my mom and I grabbed my sister's cap and gown, the dog, and backed the car away from the house and that was all we had gotten out at the time of the fire. We pulled ourselves together and knew there was nothing to do at the time and went to my sister's graduation. Well, there were a few things that we were able to save the next day going back to the house and my mom got my bunny out and had it cleaned by a company that cleans items that have been in a fire and gave it to me. So that is why this bunny will always be special to me.
I also made this image to put in this frame for Easter. It normally has a picture in it but I made this and changed it out for the holiday.
This is an up close picture of the spring table runner I put out on the sofa table. This was a gift from my mom when she went to Germany last summer to visit my family. It is so pretty and just says "Spring is here" to me.
This is the last of my Easter decorations.

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  1. The blooms are so pretty! I'll try to get some pics of my plum tree blossoms this weekend.

    Your Easter decorations are pretty, especially the egg tree. I need to get mine out, if I can find them. :)