Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tile instructions

The first part of this post is for Lisa. She was wondering how I made the spring tile. Well it just so happens that I was going to make coasters last night so it worked out perfect for me to be able to take pictures of how I did it. It is really simple if you have the supplies. Here are the supplies:
You will need a stone tile (I got mine for 37 cents at Lowes), a stamp, a watermark stamp pad (I use versamark), embossing powder, a heat gun, pearl ex pigments, and fillable paint brush filled with liquid floor wax (I got mine from Stampin Up).

First you stamp your image on the tile with the versamark stamp pad.

Then you sprinkle your embossing powder on the tile,

Here is what the image will look like before heating it:Then you use the heat gun to heat the image until the embossing powder "melts":

Here is what it looks like after the image has been heated.

Next you dip your paint brush into the color of pearl ex you want to apply and paint the image:

That is all there is to it. Since I will be using these as coaster in the living room I did apply some spray enamel to them to protect the image.

Last night we also got to enjoy the company of a friend. He got a new bike and came over to have Ryan put on some new lights. It turned into a major event and took until almost 2 this morning!! We are supposed to have great weather the next few days. Ryan and I are taking off tomorrow to go ride our motorcycle and then Saturday we are meeting our friend and going riding together.

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  1. It looks easy enough - in theory! I tried something similar to that a few years ago, where you do the stamping/coloring on tissue paper, and then cut it out and lay it on the tile. Then cover the tissue with clear embossing powder and bake it for 5-10 minutes until the powder melts.

    Your way looks much easier, and the results are better.

    Have fun on the bikes - sounds like a lot of fun!