Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Project

We have begun our "big" project of the year. I say we but really it is just my hubby that has begun the project right now. I will be helping once the wood is purchased this week or whenever Ryan is ready for me to help. I tend to stay out of his way when he does a project, a lesson learned many years ago :). I think our deck will look amazing when we are done. It should be done by the end of April. We have had to special order some of the wood and the new posts.

When we moved into our house the only deck we had was this part. This part will soon be changed. We are removing most of the front of it and opening it completely up and adding stairs into that lead into the backyard.
Ryan added the part of the deck on the right within the first month that we lived in the house.
Here is the work he did late Sunday afternoon. Basically, he broke ground. He is ordering the wood today. It has to be specially ordered because the places we have checked don't carry 20 foot boards.
Also, we are removing all the wooden pickets and replacing them with these:
photo taken from here.
You will have to excuse the current deck. It looks so much prettier when I have my flowers out and it has been used. Right now it is still in it's bare winter phase. If warm spring weather would ever come and STAY I could plant some stuff but as you can see the grass hasn't even started to green yet.


  1. It's going to look fantastic! I really like the iron instead of the wood for the rails. Ryan is going to be busy.

    I know what you mean about the flowers - my patio was so bare while we had our plants in the garage for winter. I was so excited when I was finally able to take them back out.

  2. Mel - come by my blog - I have surprise for you!!

  3. Gonna be a awesome place to play cards