Thursday, March 26, 2009

a break and a great website discovery

I am taking a much needed break from work. I took off work today and tomorrow. I was all looking forward to just relaxing and hanging out this weekend but within an hour it has turned out that I will have a crazy weekend. Today, I plan to SCRUB the house from top to bottom; sometimes I just get in the mood to do this and I am going to do it right after I type this. Tomorrow if it is nice (which it appears to be a slim chance of that) I am going to go to a local public garden to take pictures and browse our downtown square at some new shops down there. Here is where it turns crazy; my husband informed me yesterday that my father in law is staying with us Friday night. Then within an hour of that my little bro in law calls and ask if him and some of his buddy's can stay with us Friday night and Saturday night. They are driving up here to go skydiving...SKYDIVING!!! Sounds fun but waaaay to scary for me! So Saturday we are going to watch them jump (oh, and my sis in law is jumping with them too). It will be nice seeing all of them and hanging out. I am sure I will be posting pictures of the brave skydivers Sunday. I just pray all goes well for them!

I bought a cake and cupcake recipe book at the store the other day and they had these cute cupcake cups and I was like where did they get these and then on one of the pages in the tips section it gave the website. There are a TON of things on this website for baking and decorating. Here are just a few pictures I copied from their website to show some of the stuff they have. Too cute!
These are cupcake holders that look like Easter baskets:

This is another example of a cupcake holder:These are an example of cookie stencils:There is so much more that you just need to check out for yourself. Check out their website by clicking here.

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