Monday, March 23, 2009

a little late...

First, today is weigh in day. No good news here. I stayed the same this week. It wasn't totally unexpected but that doesn't change the fact it is still disappointing. I know what I need to do to change the lack of weight loss from this week and I WILL be reporting a loss next Monday ;)!!

I am a little late posting my new closet transformation but I guess it is better late than never. Now, the pictures do not give my closet justice. It is actually a large closet and wraps completely around our shower to the other side (which belongs to my hubby). Ryan is great to me. I told him I wanted shelves built and he said okay. Well a couple weeks went by and then I was looking at closets on better homes and gardens and drew out how I wanted mine. I told Ryan that I had drawn some plans for my closet and he said "well get me your blueprints and I will build it." He had it done for me in two days. So, here it is:
Before pics (the thought crossed my mind not to show my embarassing mess of a closet as it was before):
After (I even have room to spare now) :) THANKS HUBBY, YOUR GREAT!!!

I am ready for the grass to be green. Not just because I am looking forward to some color other than brown, but because of HER:
This is after she rolled around in the grass (one of her favorite things to do) and after she shook off already. I have to sweep DAILY. But who could get too upset with this:
(I am bribing her with a treat to sit still)!

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  1. I have those same exact beach towels!!!!

    Love the closet - I'll trade you some tile work for closet work. :) That's more room than both of our closets put together. You're so lucky!

    Ginger looks so sweet, even if she is covered in dead grass. Gizmo rolled in a mushroom he found growing in the yard, yuck!