Saturday, January 31, 2009

This and that

The ice is FINALLY melting nicely here. Of course that means lots of water and mud and yuck. The ice ripped the gutters off of the building where my office is located. It has done a lot of damage and our area has been declared a disaster area. There are many places that aren't predicted to have power until mid Feb!! I feel so blessed to have power.

As for my weight loss and being on track with the points system, I am doing well. Tomorrow will be my challenge for the week because we are hosting a Super Bowl party and entertaining about 25 people at our house. I plan to have typical unhealthy food (bbq pulled pork sandwiches, chips and cheese dip, bbq baked beans, and dessert) but I will also have a fruit tray and veggie tray (for me). I know I will make it through just fine because there is no way I would cheat on the night before weigh in! It will still be tough with all that good smelling fat and calories in front of me. I love the Weight Watchers plan. It really does allow me to have whatever I want if I am willing to pay the price. I can have that piece of Snickers Pie tomorrow if I want to use 8 points for a slice. But when I think of what all I can fill up on for 8 point that piece of Snickers Pie doesn't seem so good. If I do want it I can steal a bite of my hubbys for 2 points. When I was attending meetings I had an amazing leader and she said "the first bite taste the same as the last bite," so why eat 8 points worth when I can have one bite for 2 points and it taste the same as eating the whole thing.

Also, I would like to say hi to Lisa. Lisa, thanks for the nice comment! I wanted to visit your blog but could not find a link to it. If you don't mind me visiting to say hi you can send it to me via email at I hope you have a good week following your Weight Watchers plan!!

Here are some of the cards I made on the last day that I was at home due to ice:
This one above will be for my sis and bro-in-law's anniversary.
I made this one pictured above or my hubby for our anniversary and for a card challenge at Daring Card Makers Blog.
The card above and below are for two of my hubby's nieces. They are such sweet girls!
This last card is for my grandma's bday.

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