Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So we had an ice storm last night. Sure it can make the trees look beautiful but I HATE it. I have too much going on at work for my office to be closed today, but it is, and I just need to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy the day off. I think I may do some more scrapbooking today. I will also do my Biggest Loser workout dvd today. As much as I work out that dvd can still kick my butt. I look forward to watching the Biggest Loser tonight. So far I am enjoying this "season" better than the one that just went off. I have never disliked a person on that show as much as I disliked Vicki. She just got right under my skin. I told my sister that I didn't like her from episode two and she laughed and said you already don't like someone. After episode three my sis called me and said oh, I can't stand her. HAHA. Told ya sis! I would absolutely love to train with Jillian!!! Okay, Bob too but I may just be concentrating on him and not working out. HAHA. Honestly, I had to crack up this season when he went off on that chick. Bob mad was so funny and I loved Jillian's reaction. Well, maybe I will post again when I finish some scrapbook stuff.

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