Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Even though I have only been back on track for two days now, I am discovering some things already. My first discovery, the night time is the hardest time to refrain from snacking. I guess it is just a bad habit I will have to break. I am used to coming home and grabbing a snack while watching TV. I will have to have healthier snacks on hand and reduce the number of snacks I eat in the evening. I think that this will be a lot easier to break when I start feeling better and can get back to working out. I find that when I work out in the evening that I am a lot less tempted to snack afterwards. I haven't worked out since Thursday because I have been sick with a yucky sinus infection. I plan to go to the clubhouse in our neighborhood tonight to do a "light" workout to at least get going again, even though I still don't feel very good. My second discovery for the day is that it is crazy to realize how many points certain foods are again. Eating out is just not going to be possible more than once a week, at least not for me at the beginning. For example, I had a Subway foot long veggie sandwich and a bowl of soup and it was 17 points! I am sure I could have made a smarter choice, but thought I was doing good by switching to wheat bread instead of cheddar bread and mustard instead of mayo, however I didn't want to spend 17 points on one meal! That only leaves me 3 points for the evening if I don't want to tap into my weekly allowance. Anyway, those are my little discoveries/eye openers for the day.
I am off to the grocery store to do some healthy shopping.

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  1. Wow Mel, I love your layout! Looks terrific! Relearning the points is challenging.

    The eating out can totally be reduced but it is hard. It takes a lot of planning but we've saved a bundle and for our one dinner out a week, we love to go to a nicer restaurant. Good Luck and keep up with the posts!