Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunshine Predicted...

Well. We had icy rain ALL day yesterday!! I am not one that likes to be stuck in the house against my will but what can I do. I am very thankful for answered prayers that we did not lose our power at all. There were so many people that lost their power. My mom-in-law lost her power and came over and stayed the night last night but her power was restored this morning. On top of that, all the channels went out on the satellite EXCEPT the locals so I was still able to see Biggest Loser!!! It is still supposed to be cold today but the ice has stopped falling and moved out of the area and the sun is supposed to come out today!!! Below are some pics of the ice storm (the pictures don't do justice):
This is a tree on our deck.
The picture above and directly below are of some trees and was taken from our deck.
This picture is of icicles hanging from the roof. Look how thick they are!
Okay, so since I was trapped in my house all day yesterday (and I will be today as well) I did some more scrapbooking, well, actually card making. I am up to June on my Birthday cards. Here are some I made below:
The card above and directly below are cards for two men in my family. I find it difficult to come up with masculine designs.
I got the idea for the card above from the web. I thought it was cute. It will be for my niece's third bday.
This card is for my hubby for Vday. I wanted to do something a little more masculine and get away from the typical pink and red for him. I will be making some Vday cards using red and pink to mail to my fam.
As far as my diet (okay really lifestyle change) goes, I am doing great. I am patting myself on the back for yesterday. I kept busy and didn't even tap into my weekly allowance points!! Actually, quite the opposite, I found myself trying to find something to eat/drink to use up my last three points last night after dinner. So I treated myself to a glass of red wine. :)
I am off to make some more cards...

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