Monday, April 6, 2009


My weekend has given me a bunch to blog about but I am going to try and spread it out through out the week so I don't go overboard in one post. Today seems like a good day to post about progress since it is weigh in day and all. I lost one more pound. I have become happy enough with that through out the day. This morning I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see more of a loss. But I am happy that I lost a pound. It is progress in the right direction. Also, I think that this week will be a good week. I think that the slowness over the last few weeks is due to teetering on the edge of dropping a point for my daily point values. Today's pound has dropped me down a point. If I get to where I feel stuck again I may go ahead and drop a point before it actually shows I have to on Weight Watchers online. I remember this tip from my days of attending the meetings.

The other progress I wanted to share was the progress on the deck. Ryan is doing such a good job. It is looking great. He was a little frustrated that the beautiful day we had Saturday (72 and sunny) was half spent on buying a loading up the supplies and bringing them home and unloading. He actually spent ALL day (I mean ALL day Sunday from 8:30am til 7pm only breaking for lunch I made for him) working on the deck. It was so cold (only 41) and WINDY Sunday. So here is the progress so far. I won't post again on the deck until it is finished so that I have a good before and after picture.
My favorite part of the new deck is that I get to go shopping for new deck furniture and planters. :)

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  1. I'm glad your diet is going well and the deck is looking great! My hubby is talking about building a patio further out in the yard and putting a stone fire pit in the middle. I would love it but I see alot of $$$.Of course I will want to decorate it and landscape around it. He doesn't care about that, he just wants to build a cool fire pit. We'll have to would really rather have a deck, we had a deck on our old house and loved it! Good luck on yours! Kristen